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Welcome to the Healing Hearth!

The Energetic Support & Wisdom from an Honest Friend

The Healing Hearth provides a safe and supportive space to address any physical, mental, or energetic blocks you may be experiencing and help you live the life you deserve. Through our services & supportive community we offer Reiki healing and intuitive guidance to support you on your journey towards holistic well-being and a freer existence!

Liz Anderson
Holistic Energy Counsel & Reiki Master

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Tarot readings are something I partake in when I need clarity on an event, emotion, or simply my path in life. Nobody has been able to help me better than Liz. Liz creates a safe space where I am able to open myself up and fully receive what I need to hear from my higher self. Whether it is about the past, present, and/or future, Liz and The Healing Hearth have helped me tremendously with mending together parts of my life I once did not understand and I cannot wait until we get together again for another reading!

Intuitive Tarot Reading (60 minute)

Let's Party!

Looking for a fun addition
to  your next gathering?

Birthdays, graduations, bachelorettes...

ANY celebration, I do 'em all! 

Let me sling tarot cards and add some mystical entertainment at your nest gathering.

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