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Embracing our Truth - A Throat Chakra Perspective

Often, when we think of the throat chakra, we think of our expression. How we communicate to others who we are, what we intend, and what we expect. Today, however, I feel called to shift our perspective of the throat chakra, and how we ourselves are mindful of our own expression. How we embrace our own truths with clarity, leaving behind, if only for just the moment, the need to explain and communicate this to others, and instead to connect with the ever greater need of understanding our truth within ourselves, first and foremost.

Eight of Cups

Sometimes our truth can feel hard to embrace, especially if it is different from those around us. It can feel emotional recognizing that we are on a different path than our peers, our families, our friends that feel like family. Often times, we are so overwhelmed with the feeling that we are alienating ourselves by embracing our truth. And why is that? Perhaps it's because we may fear we are alienating ourselves by veering from the status quo. There may even be a splash of self denial that we could be different at all, because the idea of setting out on our own can feel overwhelming, or impossible. Possibly we have been conditioned to believe that being different or unique is "bad", and we internalize the triggers found in those around us. Regardless, it can be hard to walk away from the herd if that's what embracing our truth is. Because embracing our truth starts with understanding our individuality, our uniqueness, our quirks, and our unexpected joys. It take courage and bravery to step out from the crowd and into the light of understanding our own selves better. Society has this effect of attempting to conform us all to the same size and shape. This leads to many of us to feel alienated and labeled an outsider from a very young age. We may fear rejection if we don't conform to uniformity. However, when we choose societal standards above our own self love and self recognition, we risk repressing and suffocating our own potential to live an empowered life by shining our own unique light individually. What a beautiful rainbow the world would become if we held space for each of us to shine our individual light. We create a beautiful prismatic effect by chasing our own light, finding curiosity for what makes us tick and what makes us stand out from the crowd. And even if it means walking away from an identity people believe you should be, the beauty and peace of this new kaleidoscopic perspective effect where we feel truly alive. We see everything differently, flowers smell sweeter, the sunrise becomes even more stunning. We become grateful for this life, for this breath, and we embrace our aliveness when we give ourselves room to embody our truth.

So, what shift in perspective is needed to find this?

The Chariot

Life is going to move around us, whether we choose to join in or not. In the journey of embracing our truth, we have to be open to embracing change, both within and without. We all have aspects of ourselves that we like to flaunt, show, and embrace. What often becomes the challenge is our "Dark" sides - perhaps the part of us that is accompanied with shame, with fear, with guilt. In order to truly move forward with embracing our truths, we have to be open to all aspects of ourselves, and that is typically where people throw in the towel. Not that it turns off their soul, but they just choose to reject and/or ignore it. It is too painful to look at their whole canvas sometimes, shadows and all. Due to how society has reacted to those who are different - we could pour through the history books of slavery, of lynching, the Salem witch trials, all that damn war - it has set a low vibrational load on the collective shoulders, resisting our ascension to our own source, our divinity, our light by recognizing and honoring our differences and our uniqueness. We need to understand that while the collective and the planetary inhabitants are comforted by this "constant", even this constant too will change. This is seen in the collective awakening we have been experiencing, more intensely over the last 2-3 years, and will continue to be ever more challenging to ignore in the coming era.

The Love Revolution

The Hierophant

The aforementioned Great Awakening is truly just a revolution for love. We are ascending and craving more light infused truths, and when the light becomes stronger, that often means the darkness becomes louder. And boy, howdy, are we seeing this on the planet right now! But also, if you take notice and take pause, people are fatigued from the constant hate, fighting, war, famine. We, as a collective, are beginning to find the courage to dive deeper into our own shadows, our own limiting perspectives and judgements, and are craving something new. The beautiful opportunity that is arising within us is that we are beginning to release the illusions around our leadership, and it may leave us feeling a little "out at sea" if we are continuing to look externally for guidance on how to perform, coexist, and behave. Understand that that is quite common; individual thinking is not something that is taught. In fact, historically it is thought of something to be feared, to shunned, to be killed. But as this love revolution churns on, we must understand that this historical perspective is rooted in fear. Fear and love cannot coexist. We must choose (peep The Chariot coming back in here). When we choose love, we choose our higher self. We choose our own ascension. We choose our own empowerment. We choose ourselves, our whole selves, every light and dark bit of us. We are collectively beginning to understand, or may even be forced to see, that following our own inner guidance, our inner weirdo I'd be honored to call it, is all that we need to move through life in a love filled way. Fear leaves us feeling lack, but when we surrender fear and adopt love, we feel full. We feel satiated. That is the blessing of this love revolution.

So how can we support our own truths, as we learn to connect to our inner guidance?

4 of Cups

We are being offered a beautiful new perspective, but we can feel underwhelmed. "That's it? Just listen to ourselves?" Such a response is not rich in drama, which many of us can become addicted to. Let's be honest, we may be so tapped into drama, manipulation, into focusing on how others wrong us, that releasing the anger and reactivity and instead choosing peace and love can feel boring. That would be because our nervous system has been hyperactive for too long. This is not our natural state. We do not learn to care what he says/she says until we were told that we must! We come into this world blissfully unaware and peaceful. Therefore, there is a detox needed. Reserving our energy and attention from the drama and, say, choosing to put down the news articles or choosing to leave your phone at home while you go for a walk can feel strange. It is likely we are unfamiliar with the shift of energy that goes from receiving information from external manipulative sources to our own internal goddess, guru, light beam, however you identify it. To go from a world of "you must be this way" to "whatever feels right to you" can seem odd and unusual. And we may fear that. We may have never strengthened our own skills on self trust and may never have previously intentionally worked on only sitting with ourselves, with our own energy.

Conversely, we may feel overwhelmed by emotions or intrusive thoughts we have denied for so long. That is quite natural. If you built a dam against the river of your emotions, when you first open that dam it can make us feel very out of control, as if you're drowning, cracked open, vulnerable, gasping for breath. If we are not accustomed to honoring our feelings, and allowing them to flow, we can feel triggered. Know you have the strength to hold onto your anchor through all of this. You will not be washed away, instead you will be cleansed. Allow yourself to be still, to trust that the influx will pass, the tides will calm and our emotions will flow along at a more manageable speed. There is no way around it. The feelings must be felt in order to heal. This includes embracing our shadows of shame and guilt. This means seeing ourselves with compassion, and understanding with each wall we have built, it is to protect a sensitivity. But those sensitivities are meant to be felt! That's why they feel so - well - sensitive! There is a reason in embracing the delicate, the more hidden and malnourished parts of you in order to feel fully fortified and satiated, to feel seen and heard and held. Because YOU see you, and YOU now hear you, and YOU now hold you.

And so, what now, Universe? What can I do with this information?

King of Wands (reversed)

The Divine wants acknowledge this is easier said than done, especially if this is new for you. Not only are you coping with the repression of your own soul, but more often than not, there is ancestral karma that can be intertwined that can make it feel like choosing our own inner peace and inner light above all else is impossible, selfish, or something to be ashamed of. But this is where we have to find our fire. Perhaps this comes with anger, of saying enough is enough to your own suppression, and letting that fiery anger transmute the feeling of insignificance into something even brighter, happier, more empowered. (Note, we need not be ashamed of our anger any longer. It serves us greatly, and can sometimes be the kick in the a** we need to move on from that which doesn't serve us. This is an invitation to release the shame around anger.) It takes courage to say no to those around you. Peer pressure is always around us, it didn't just end in high school. We must nurture our lion heart, and be our own greatest cheerleader. We must question why it is we are afraid of burning a bridge that we know is not in our highest and best good. We must accept the fact that if we choose ourselves first, this is going to trigger and cause reactivity in our environment. Which, consequently, can pose a challenge if you are consciously trying to heal your addiction to external validation. The Divine reminds you that this will be worth it. The path of least resistance often bears the least fruit. And you crave a feast. Therefore, you must shift your perspective internally to find satisfaction, peace, and joy.

Bonus Message

The Sun

I love that this is the card that was on the bottom of the deck. By choosing ourselves, we find that we choose our joy. We start setting standards of what is worth our energy. We find value in our energy, and choose instead to focus on the light, that which makes us sing, dance, laugh, play, instead of being fearful of showing our full selves out of fear of rejection, abandonment, lack, death. Ironically, a part of society is dying, even if it feels like a part of our own selves are dying. But through this journey, The Divine wants us to know that there is a guaranteed light at the end of this tunnel, that shines so bright you cannot ignore it. It has kept you reading along, dear reader, a craving for more. It does not hurt, it does not scorch; it melts the frozen parts of our hearts so that they might beat stronger. So that the heart may be fortified and then becomes our compass. Instead of following our fears, we follow our inspiration, our joy, our light, and that changes us. That changes the world. And that is what is most needed at this time. Life is meant to be enjoyed, it's meant to be LIVED.

So, go live it. Damn the influences that scare you into feeling stuck. Shirk that heavy burden off your shoulders, it has never supported you. Now is a time for you to feel supported and loved, above all else. And how convenient that journey begins with you. Thank God it starts with you! You are hope for this world, treat yourself as such!

Go with Spirit, and go with Grace, beloveds.

Love and light, always,


at The Healing Hearth

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